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Genesee Street, Utica See Image:Utica NY c1909...

Utica in 1909--Image via Wikipedia

        I named this blog, Writing by Candlelight, because I am a historical fiction    writer concentrating on the 1800s. I just love that era when life was simpler and folks made time for each other, holding social events such as quilting bees,  corn huskings, state fairs, and such. Life may have been tough at times and  people had to work hard, but everyone knew their neighbors and everyone looked out for one another.

My research of that era has been so fascinating. I just love the vintage clothing, hairstyles, transportation by buggies, horse-drawn sleighs in the winter, canal boat travel and more. The beautiful mansions in Utica, NY were magnificent beyond compare. Blandina Dudley Miller has written a book describing them  It was one of my sources of information for my second book. I loved it so much, I printed it out for myself to have. It is digitized on the Landmark Society’s website. As of now they are refurbishing some of the buildings so as to preserve local history.

I have a soft spot in my heart for  everything Victorian. All the frills, angels, nostalgic cards, laces, and the rich decorative style are heaven to my senses. I would love to decorate my whole house in Victorian.



  1. JoAnne Dalton Koravos

    Erie Canal Cousins is a delightful series for young readers who crave adventure set in a time that seems so exciting and to a young person born in the 21st century! If that is possible with so much available to children today! The stories are steeped in historical fact which makes them not only fun but educational. I would recommend them for any age! I love all things Victorian as well and these books conjure up images of that period. Simple lifestyle, yet ornate with such attention to detail.

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