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The Books are DONE!

Yippee! The pr"Stars Over Buffalo"inter finished the books today and this  afternoon, I received a call from them saying the books are on their way here. It will be 3 to 4 business days before I actually get them. I just can’t wait to see the genuine book and hold it in my hands!

     Although I have written five books already, it is still a thrill to receive that order with the real books in it. Up to now I have examined­ the proof copy and the sample cover, so I know I’ll be in for a treat when I see the whole thing put together.

     When that UPS truck pulls up in my driveway on that glorious day, I’ll be hovering nearby to yank open my door the minute the truck stops. Excitedly, I will direct the driver where to put the books and the minute he is gone, I will rip open the nearest box as fast as I can, and believe me, the boxes are not that easy to open. Then I’ll hold up that first fabulous book, turn it over to check the back cover, and leaf through the pages to see how the illustrations inside look.

     Finally, I will jump up and down,  sing, “Happy days are here again,” as loud as I can, and thank God for inspiring me to write another book.


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