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                                                       I did my stint at the Historical Society this morning I actually had NO visitors stop in. Members take turns opening the Museum to people who are interested in seeing the artifacts we have and/or researching their genealogy. But with the two hours I spent there, I was able to peruse three books about the history of the area that I now reside in.

     I found it fascinating to to look at pictures of dwellings inhabited in the early days of the Town of Paris and to read about people who lived here and events that took place then. I have lived here for 30 years and know so little about the history of this area. I actually could have stayed there a  lot longer but I didn’t want to turn the heat on so it was cold in there.

     What, you may ask, does this have to do with writing? I can explain it. My next series will be about this area and this was kind-of getting a head start on some of the research I will need to do for the books. Another historical fiction series, this one will take place in the year 1857 in this area of New York State.

     I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE history!



  1. sjbraun

    I, too, love history! I think it’s awesome that you’re extending that love into a book series, and for children no less! You can pass along your enthusiasm to another generation. Very, very neat!

  2. Susan, thanks for your comment on my blog. There are many books about the history of our area for adults but not so many for children. What better way for a child to find about this than in an adventurous historical fiction novel sprinkled with true historical facts in a fun-to-read book.

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