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God Woke Me Up for Church Today

11. Answering Machine

No one had called!!

I was in bed this morning and as I woke up, I heard the phone ring. I decided not to hurry and get it because the phone was downstairs and I was upstairs. But I did decide to get up anyway and see who it was so I could call them back. It was Sunday morning and since I am such a night hawk sometime I wake up in time for church and sometime I don’t. It was only 8:30AM so I had plenty of time to get ready for 10:30 Mass.

I got out of bed, put my robe on, and leisurely wandered downstairs to check on that phone call before I made breakfast. First I looked at the answer machine to see if someone had left a message……no message. Then I picked up the phone and looked beck on my previous calls to see who it could have been. There were no calls listed for today Oct. 16th. That’s strange, I thought, I am sure I heard the phone ring when I was in bed.

As I made breakfast, I thought about this strange occurrence. And then I remembered that before I went to bed I kept thinking that I really didn’t have to go to church if I got up late, and I kept diddling around not really doing very much of anything until  it was about 1:30AM when I actually went to bed.  There I had decided. I would probably get up too late.

But I guess God had other plans for me.  I’m sure he made me hear that phone “ring” because He wanted me to go to church. I laughed to myself to think of the lengths God will go to, to get me to do something.  He knows how stubborn I can be. *giggle* *giggle*

BTW I did go to church.


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