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My Legacy

This is the gift table that my sister made.

Legacy….”something that is handed down or remains from a previous generation or time” ~Encarta Dictionary: English

Lately I’ve been thinking about what kind of a legacy I’d like to leave behind. Not that I am planning on leaving this planet in any time soon, but just what I’d like to be known for.

To the world, I’d like to leave an uplifting mood, happiness, and motivation by my internet posts on SparkPeople , Facebook, and my blog.

To everyone in the USA, I would like to leave patriotism, love of country, and pride in our Nation. I love the USA.

Seal of New York.

To the children of New York State and all children, I’d like to leave m­­­­­y books that hopefully will help them to remember the history of our area, and  develop a love for reading, maybe stimulate some out there to try writing, and provide wholesome, adventurous entertainment.

To my own children, I’d like to leave the memory of a Mother who was there for them; loved, worried, and cared about each and every one of them from the minute they were born sweet babies, and even now when they are grown-up. My children are kind, caring and helpful, upright citizens. I am proud and happy with the way they’ve evolved. They are a blessing to the world and will do more wonderful things.

Window at Parish Church of St Peter, Frampton ...

To my grandchildren, I would like to leave a good example of how to live every day to the fullest and make the best of everything that comes into their lives; to rely on God’s plan for their lives, and to always love Him and pray.

Now if my life can produce all of these beautiful results, I believe it will have been well spent. God certainly has bestowed many blessings on me and my family and continues to do so every day.


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