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My HEROES are not the famous people you hear about in the news or movies every day, or see on TV. Most of them are your everyday people on the street,  some I’ve met and some I haven’t. They are the ones who have touched my life and make me wish to follow and imitate.

One of these heroes is my husband, who, by the way, is in heaven keeping an eye on me. First, let me say that anyone who could live with me for almost 50 years had to be a saint since I am stubborn, persistent, and can be bossy at times.  Jack was always a happy optimist and would often cheer me up if I had any self-doubt or was depressed about something. He pretended to be the boss in the family but knew that it was really me. My persistence won me the title. I could always outlast him. He didn’t have much of a family life when he was young and was on his own at an early age but he was a great father to the children. Grant it, he probably would have preferred less, but knew I wanted a large family, so he let me have it and never complained about it.  We ended up having eight. He loved to bring me red roses and did so often. He was one of the best husbands a woman could ever want.

The next hero is my husband’s Aunt Marge….now deceased. She was quite a lady with a marvelous sense of humor and an infectious laugh that you couldn’t resist joining in. It sorta started out little, and built up to a series of hah…hah…hahs closer and closer together till they were one huge laugh. She was in her 80’s when I knew her; we visited her and her sister, my Mother-in-Law for a week every summer. She was interested in everything…photography, painting, farmer’s markets and would often be working on a picture when talking to you.  She wanted to know all about you when you were there and complimented every good thing you told her about yourself. She was a health food lady and ate very healthy foods at a time before it was popular to do so. I once did a paper on her in a sociology class in college, and the students were fascinated when I read my paper about her. She made me send her a copy of it which she proceeded to show all of her friends.

Another hero of mine is my masseuse, Irene. She is a beautiful lady who at 83 is strong,

Massage in Frankfurt, Germanyhealthy, kind, loving, gentle, and spiritual. I just love this lady. I get a massage once a month. She is always willing to help out anybody. I bless the day I found her.  I met her the time I went with my husband to his diabetes classes.  She was the presenter at one of the sessions. The first thing she said to the audience, three-quarters of which had bottles of diet cola in front of them, was, “See that stuff you’re drinking.” She pointed to the bottles. “That is POISON!”  I loved her from the minute she said that. She is into natural medicine and home remedies and this is something I have always been interested in. She helped me out with some early medicine for some of my historical fiction books. She has become almost like a mother to me.

Then there are the heroes I haven’t met but feel like I know them. They are my Spark friends on the weight loss website SparkPeople. They comforted me when my husband passed away. They constantly look out for me and try to motivate me when I’m feeling down. I’ve even met some of them in person.

My heroes are not famous people but to me they are TOPS. There are not too many people that I can call my heroes; there may be a few more, but these are the ones that come to my mind first when I think of the word.



  1. This was a touching piece. Thank you for sharing. I agree, my heroes are the people who have made differences in my lives not those with pretty faces on television. I can’t illustrate the point as well as you have.

    – Ermisenda

  2. Thanks for the lovely compliment, Ermisenda

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