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Any Suggestions-How Can I Do This?


Thinking about the next series

I would like to include two main characters in my new series. They are 11-year-old twins, Annie and Charlie. In my other series, I opened each chapter with a journal entry by the main character, their mother at aged 13, and the story followed the entry. Most of the story was in the third person with the short journal entry first.

I am trying to decide how to do this in the new series. I thought of alternating chapters, one, three, five, seven, nine for the girl and two, four, six, eight, ten for the boy.

OR I could just put both of their entries at the beginning of each chapter, although the girl will have much more to say than the boy.

Can anyone think of a way that would smoothly blend the twins into the story in a similar way as the first series? I would love to hear some ideas.


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