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My Sister is a Genius!



     I have been pondering the best way to write my next book to include both of the twins journal entries in the story. This is middle-grade historical fiction that takes place in 1857 in New York State. I had a suggestion from someone else that I thought about, but decided it probably would not work.

     Last night I talked to my sister who is brilliant as far as giving me suggestions for some difficult parts of my other books. After giving her the details of what I was trying to do, she thought about it for awhile and we hashed out some ideas between us. 

     Then she came up with the idea to put the journal entries from both the boy and girl between the chapters both on the same page(s) stating their opinions about what had happened in story so far. The first journal entry of each would be the Prologue to the book explaining their situation, as this is a second series based on the first series that I wrote and published about their parents when they were young.

     I’m excited because I think it will solve my problem.

     How does that sound? Do you think it will work?


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