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Dazzled In a Flurry of Book Signings

“Where have you been?” you may wonder, not seeing any blog posts from me ­­­­lately.


This may be the month of Christmas busyness, but I have been delightfully caught up in a series Book Signings for my new book, Stars Over Buffalo.

 It is such a wonderful feeling to have people come up to me at a signing and tell me how much they love the books, conveying their feelings in such excited tones of voices. It knocks my socks off. Sometimes I want to turn around and see who they are talking about, and then I realize they are MY books; my very own books. It makes me want to sit right down and pen another one.


This is book 5 and the last in the Erie Canal Cousins Series. The epilogue in the back reveals what happens to all the characters in the future. And also reveals another series, coming out in 2013 about the next generation…the 11 years old twins  of the main character, Rose,  in this series, which will take place in 1857..  But then I digress.


Back to book signings…the first one was at the New Hartford Library in mid- November since I traditionally have the first one there. Next, I spoke at the Christian Women’s Club luncheon and had a signing there, also in November. Then I had a signing with the Town of Paris Historical Society at the Craft Fair on November 19 and 20.


 On December 3rd   I had the BIG one at Barnes and Noble and sold a ton of books there. This was followed by an appearance at Gems along the Mohawk, a gift shop in Herkimer, and the Shops at 24 West at Canal Place in Little Falls (both on the same day) yesterday. The last 2 were hosted by Gansevoort Books, an independent bookstore in Little Falls. It is hard to find any of these around anymore.


Monday I will be at the local TV Station, WKTV, on the noon news to talk about my books, especially the new one.  I’ve done the evening news with my other books but this will be my first on the noon news. I am looking forward to it.


My last signing for this book will be at the Dunham Library in Whitesboro, NY this Saturday Dec. 17th.


Now can you see why I am behind on some Christmas Decorating? Not to worry. Everything will get done sooner or later. I’m a pretty organized person.


Book Signings renew my energy, give me the opportunity to meet some of my fans, listen to their glowing remarks, and make some contacts that I may hear from later on. Besides they are FUN, FUN, FUN.


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