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My Best Ever Christmas Present

Xmas Tree

The first Christmas after we were married, we had a white Christmas tree with blue balls on it as to my insistence. My husband hated it but I loved it. He made me promise not to do a repeat the next year.

There weren’t too many presents under the tree because there were only the two of us and we lived in a tiny three room apartment that was really only about the size of two and a half rooms.

We didn’t have too much money, so I really didn’t expect much in the way of a gift from my husband, but I noticed there was a box under there for me. It was fun trying to guess all week what it was. I don’t even remember what I got him that year.

When Christmas finally arrived, I saved the present from him for last. He kept urging me to open it. At last I picked up the box and slowly tore the paper off of it and when I opened it, I saw that it was a…. typewriter. I was flabbergasted. He knew how much I loved to write but we barely had enough money to pay the bills, and he bought me a typewriter.  I scolded him a little for spending the money on that, but knew that this man was so loving and thoughtful to have bought me something so special for that first Christmas together, and something I would never have bought for myself. (I was the practical one)

Of all the Christmas gifts he bought me through the years, this is the one I will remember forever. I can barely recall others I received from him, but I will never forget the feeling of seeing that typewriter and knowing the love he showed by buying it for me.

Torpedo typewriter.



  1. Rose Marie


    Thank you for sharing such a precious memory. John has always had faith in your talent and ability and nurtured them so that you could blossom and grow into the woman God created you to be.

    God bless you and your beautiful family.

    Love and Prayers

    Rose Marie

    • Thanks Rose Marie. You are such a sweet lady with your loving words!

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