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Eight Ways to a Less Stressful Christmas

Here are some awesome tips to make your Christmas merrier:

1. Stay Organized

List everything you have to do for the holiday. Check off or cross out things as they are done. Include everything from cleaning to the dinner menu and all the in-betweens.

2. Don’t Try To Do Everything At Once

After you make that giant to do list for Christmas, divide the chores among each day of the last week before Christmas. When you complete each day’s chores, you can relax , knowing it will all be done in time.

3. Cleaning the House

Clean one room well each day. Put it on the weekday schedule. And by Christmas you will have it all cleaned. One exception: if you have kids this may not work. LOL

4. Gifts

Keep a list on your computer of the persons you buy gifts for each year and print it out at the time you start Christmas shopping. Keep it in your purse and write in each gift next to the person it is for, as you purchase it.

5. Christmas Cards

Computerize names and addresses of the people you send cards to on a label template and print out each year on clear mailing labels to use on your cards. Remember to change any addresses on the labels that are new, after Christmas to be ready for the next year.

6. Keep Supplies Nearby

Keep cards, wrapping paper, and other supplies on a small table next to where you sit to watch TV. While you are watching, during commercials, you can write cards or wrap gifts.

7. Buy Gifts Early

Start buying for next year right after Christmas at the after-Christmas sales. If your budget is tight, buy gifts throughout the year and by next Christmas you will have them all purchased ahead of time.

8. Use Crock –Pots

If you are serving a huge meal, cook come of it earlier and keep it warm in crock-pots for up to 2 hours….less rushing at the last minute to get it all done at once.

I hope these tips are helpful and allow you to enjoy the holiday more relaxed. They work for me.

Christmas gifts.
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2012!



  1. Hi I enjoyed your post! Organizing is the key to it all!


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