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Life in the ’60s

Today I found a sign on Facebook that said, “This recession will not be over until we raise a generation that knows how to live on what they got.”

The Simple Life

I so agree with this. When I was married and had my children, we existed on about half of what the average family does now. We had 8 children in 12 years and I desired and was able to be a stay-at-home-mom. We owned our own house, never paid a bill late, and took vacations. BTW we were never given large sums of money from parents or others. We lived on what my husband made.

Granted my husband had a good job; he worked at the Air Base. But he didn’t start out making a ton of money so we lived from pay check to paycheck. God was looking out for us because every time we had another child, my husband got a raise.

I had my own veggie garden every spring, cut all the kids’ hair, and made a lot of the kids’ clothes as well as my own. I also made a lot of my Christmas presents throughout the year as I liked to knit and crochet, made shoestring birthday parties for each the kids every year with homemade fancy cakes in the shape of a carousel, a toy train, etc. I home cooked a big meal at home every night and made all of the kids’ and my husbands’ lunch every day.  I baked everything we ate and shopped at the health food store at times to get some extra healthy items.

We even bought a lot on a lake at a very good price and my husband built a camp for us.

English: Simple pleasures in life, Portrush Lo...

We spent many a summer there­ enjoying the lake, toasting marshmallows, sitting around the campfire, building sand castles, reading, going for walks, and relaxing.

We did not have cable TV even though it was available. We did not purchase chips or soda. The kids drank milk. There were no iPods, Nintendos, cell phones, or other disturbing influences.

When we went on vacation we either went to my sister’s in Virginia for a week at Easter, or accompanied my husband on his business trips. We were able to get to Williamsburg, Florida and Disney, Chesapeake Bay, Michigan, and Washington, DC as a family this way. Many people took advantage of this option.

God intervened in our lives, many times, in those early years. One day, a person came over with a big box of clothes for the girls. She said her girls were just a few years older than mine and wanted to give me them for the girls. Another time a man down the street who had a vending business, brought a huge box of snack cake that he had left over and thought we could use them. The kids went wild over them. Many times when I had a bill due, we would get an unexpected check in the mail.

We moved 3 times during our marriage, each time into a bigger house, and I now live in a mortgage free house that to me is heaven on earth. I have 4 acres of land and am only 7 minutes way from shopping and the nearest city.

There are many ways people of this era can save money but they think that all these things they purchase are necessities. The only necessary thing is a loving family and a belief in God’s goodness and the desire to follow his will. All the rest will fall into place.



  1. Marie Krause.

    Great entry Dottee. Enjoyed every word, and it spoke of the way things used to be.

    • Yes, Marie, things were so much better back then.

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