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Why I love Amish Fiction!


Amish family riding in a traditional Amish bug...

Lately I have started reading Amish fiction. I started with one book, and now just can’t get enough of it. I have probably read about six or seven books in the last two months.

Amish fiction contains values, morals, Christian living, family life, respect and all the ideals I like to see that are sorely missing in a lot of society today. The large Amish families in these books are very close, help each other out, work together, love each other, interact with each other and once they choose a mate they stay together and raise a family. There are no distractions such as TV, cell phones, iPods, etc.

The Amish depend on God’s will in their life and believe the Lord will lead them to what he wants for them.  They live a spiritual life every day.

Society today is so different. Divorces are everywhere; people don’t get married for life anymore,  only as long as they possess that rush of attraction in early love, which always changes after about three or four years.

Respect has just about left the planet. People go around blaming everyone else but themselves for their problems. Then they go and shoot a bunch of people to get their frustrations out.

Often, family time is almost non-existent. One member goes here, one goes there; it’s almost like ships passing in the night. (I’m not saying all families are like this, but many are)

When I read the Amish stories, I feel peaceful. My faith in humanity is restored. My belief in God is heightened. And I can relate to the characters since this is the way my husband and I raised our eight children. We all worked together to do things. We were not rich monetarily but we were rich in love and togetherness. I am proud to say that the children are all responsible, contributing citizens in society today.

I myself have always depended on God’s will for my life and He has done wonderful things for me and my family. His way has always been the best choice even in the times of delayed answers.

I enjoyed the Rose Trilogy by Beverly Lewis, Beth Wiseman‘s  Books,  An Amish Winter, An Amish Christmas.

Amish fiction gives me the warm fuzzies!



  1. SR

    I love reading about the Amish, except I read true stories. I love to read, but I read only non-fiction. Why I do not know?? Have you read Amish Grace and the Amish Way. The Amish Way is a book I refer to an awful lot on how to simplify my life. Though I would not wish to live the way they do, I do so admire them for their simple lifestyle. Even to the point of envy sometimes I think. However I have read a few of the books by Beverly Lewis. Enjoyed much the ones I did read. Thanks for this post. Just strolling through your blog. God Bless, SR

    • I will have to check out those books. I real a little of both fiction and non-fiction. I feel like you do. I love they believe that everything that happens is God’s will.the Amish for their simplicity but couldn’t live their life. But when I read a book about them, it always lifts my spirit because they believe that everything that happens in their lives is God’s will. I look at it that way, too.

  2. SR

    Amish Grace is about when that man shot those little girls, The Amish Way is about the way they live. Not only is their lifestyle a simple one, their ability to forgive so quickly amazes me. When those little girls were shot, the way the parents and people in their community forgave the man, just took my breath. I would pray that I could do that with someone who would kill one of my children, but I do not believe it would come quickly, I am sorry to say. It would truly take God’s grace to help me. My husband is a Mennonite, so I read as much as I can to understand better the beliefs and such. God Bless, SR

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