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Life…a Brief Candle or a Splendid Torch

English: George Bernard Shaw, Irish playwright...
“Life is not a ‘brief candle.’ It is a splendid torch that must be made to burn as brightly as possible before it is handed on to the next generation.”

~ George Bernard Shaw, Irish critic and playwright

I started the day reading this quote from SparkPeople Healthy Reflections. And this is SO MUCH how I view my life. I know I must expand and pass down what I possess to those coming after me. That is why I write my books.

I hope to pass down a “love of history” by making it fun for children and others to be immersed in it through the stories I share and through the presentations I give at schools and various organizations.

History has always been a love of mine. It is just so fascinating to think I may be walking on the very ground that George Washington may have walked on. He did own a tremendous amount of property in this area. I know Henry Clay traveled on our roads as the town over from us, Clayville, is named after him. So many battles of the Revolutionary War were fought in this area too, the Battle of Oriskany being one.

I also want to help and inspire others on their earthly journey. I want to be a positive example and encourager to fellow travelers along the same journey. I cannot hide my light under a bushel and think it will do anybody any good that way, but must share it with others.

English: Torch Русский: ФакелSometimes, I just want to stay home and be alone but I know I have to get involved with my children, my grandchildren, and other people to pass the light on, that God has given me. And He HAS given me so much in every area of my life, that I want to pass what I can on to others.

Life has never been, or will it ever be, “a brief candle” for me.


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