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Review: Railroad Man

Railroad Man

This is a review of a book I read this weekend:

Railroad Man by Alle Wells
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Railroad Man by Alle Wells—-A Very Enjoyable Story

Alle Wells has written a wonderful book that gives us a glimpse into life in Georgia in the 1900s, through the story of Mick McDonald, the Railroad Man. Mick is a good man who seems to have a lot of difficulty with the ladies and he doesn’t understand why.

Due to Alle’s great writing, many times I was drawn right into the story and felt like I was there among the characters, experiencing it right along with them. I felt sorry for Mick who in trying to do the right things, ends up making his own life a mess.

Alle has clever way of beginning and ending the tale. The beginning makes you wonder what could have caused Mick’s life to turn out the sad way it did. The story then shows how his choices in life events resulted in that final situation. But the time frame this story takes place, would have made other choices almost impossible for him. There is a cute little surprise at the end of the story in the way Mick has chosen to deal with his situation.

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