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Importance of Education

Education is important to me because it helped me achieve my goals…first of being a teacher and now an author.

I did not want to go to college after High School. I was tired of school and just wanted to get out there and make money, so I got a job that, by the way, just paid minimum wage. I was making $34. a week.

Then I got married and had a bunch of children, eight to be exact. When the day came that they were all in school I decided to go to college. I loved to read and loved to learn new things. At this point I WANTED to go to school, but I was little bit afraid of being able to handle it.

At first, I planned to only get a 2 year-degree and teach preschool or nursery school. However I fell in love with learning and kept going until I had a 4-year degree in Elementary Education. This enabled me to teach Kindergarten and then first grade, which I loved more than anything, and found it was a dream come true.

Oh my goodness, then I decided to get my Masters Degree. I was hooked on learning. That degree is in Reading and Elementary Education.

Education is so important. It helped me to do something I loved….being a teacher. And after I read a zillion children’s books to kids in my classes, I was able to realize another dream that I had had since I was a child…to become an author. So now, thanks to my education, I am author as well as a publisher, marketer, and distributor of my five-book  Erie Canal Cousins Series. By the way, I also do author visits, speak on historical subjects related to and not related to my books, and anything else that comes up.

And let me tell you, it is a very very exciting and unexpected turn of events in my life.



  1. miq

    What an inspiring story…made even better because it’s true.

    • Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog.

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