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I Found a New Love!

     Yes, it has happened. I found a new love …..but it’s not a man!

It’s website building.

I have always LOVED to learn new things. And now that I know all about publishing, it’s time to find out about something else.

 And I want to do it the old fashioned way….like using HTML codes. See if I can trick the codes to get what I want on the page. I used to build school websites that way when I was teaching. Sometimes it took me 3 days to get a picture on, when I first started it. Its codes are a little different, but I am learning fast.

Sometimes it takes my three of four hours to get something on the way I want and other times it may be only 10 of 15 minutes. But ohhhhhhhhh the satisfaction when it comes out the way I want it to.

But I won’t give up writing! I still have a lot of stories to tell and will always want to do that. After all, writing was my first love.

However, this year I took a break from writing as there were many family things going on that I needed to devote my time too.  And my new series will take a lot of research time, before I can start it. It feels good not to be pressured to get a new book finished on time and get it out.

And now this web building has fascinated me. I am going to Barnes and Noble to get some books an spiffing it up some.  When I do something,  I go all the way and persist until it comes out the way I want it to.

website ideas


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