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A Surprise Visit

My daughter and her family from Virginia have been visiting for a week now. This afternoon my daughter and I  went to lunch and shopping.


And when we returned home, my son and his girlfriend from Florida walked in from the other room. Wow! What a surprise. All of my other kids knew about this but they didn’t tell me. We had a family BBQ for supper and then we all sat around and talked. It was so great to see my son as it has been quite a while since his last visit.


     He also brought me a dozen long stemmed red roses. They are so beautiful and are my favorite flowers. I had been teasing him about sending me some for about 5 years now and he finally did it.

It’s been a great couple of weeks now. We have had family get-togethers galore. With all kinds of food and goodies. I hope I don’t gain 10 lbs. with all this eating going on.



  1. What a wonderful surprise!!!!!

    God bless

  2. SR

    I am so happy for you! God Bless, SR

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