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Carol Kinney has given permission to re-post this from her blog, “Friends and Words”

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

     Busy.  Crazy Busy.  Last week I was watching a segment on MSNBC that spoke about how that seems to be everyone’s theme  “song”-the latest craze if you will, and it seems as if I have joined in reciting this to everyone.

     “How are you?” someone may ask.  “Busy. Crazy busy” I reply, and receive a nod of agreement from the other party.  I don’t even have to say what we are busy with, because they know, for they are just as busy. We are all busy-crazy busy.  This summer seems to be especially busy for my family.  We were preparing for our daughter’s high school graduation, getting ready for her party later this week, rushing her off to her college orientation, visiting colleges with our son who will be a senior, juggling our schedules with two kids who have also entered the work force, caring for an aging parent, preparing for our son’s performance in Stage Two local theater, etc., etc., etc.  Summer is supposed to be a time for relaxation, spending time with family, soaking up the rays of the sun that is so elusive to us Northeasterners in the winter months, yet our schedules and activities often prevent us from enjoying the simpler pleasures of the long awaited summer.This was not the case in the mid 1800’s.  

“Tuesday, August 11, 1840
Utica, New York

I awoke with a start this morning at the shrill sound of a rooster crowing.  For a moment, I could not remember where I was.  I was not at home in my bed in Albany.  Nor was I still in the cabin of Uncle Dermot’s boat on the Erie Canal.  the smell of freshly cut hay drifted through the open window, and cool air had replaced the stifling heat of the night before.   As I glanced around the room, I finally remembered that I, Rose Stewart, was now in Utica on my Aunt Jenny and Uncle Andrew’s farm.  I will be here for three weeks to help Aunt Jenny with the boys and the new baby.

I am writing about my adventures on this trip . . .”

     This is the opening sentence of Dorothy Stacy’s book Three Weeks in Utica, the second book in her Erie Canal Cousins series.  Mrs. Stacy, a retired elementary school teacher who has spent a lifetime in Utica and Sauquoit, has written this historical fiction series for “middle readers” and bases her main characters after her own grandchildren.  

     The thing that I would like to point out, is Mrs. Stacy is no stranger to crazy busy-ness and has been for quite some time.  It is not a fad or catch phrase to her, but her life!  In the coming days, I will be sharing her story, information about her books, and her pearls of wisdom for aspiring authors.

     I hope that you will take the time to become un-busy and enjoy this adventure back in time, when things were not “crazy busy.”

     Until next time, wishing you the blessings of relaxation with friends.  Take the time to curl up in a hammock and read.  Better yet, read the entire five book Erie Canal Cousins Series with your children!  It’ll be time well spent.

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