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Your Religious Freedom is Being Threatened, Folks

Stand Up for Religious Freedom

Stand Up for Religious Freedom (Photo credit: American Life League)

While eating lunch today, I turned the TV to EWTN and viewed a very interesting program. It was a discussion panel on the HHS Mandate and what its impact would be on us. I never realized the enormity of the consequences for so many people.

This mandate “requires almost all private health plans to cover contraception, sterilization and abortion-inducing drugs. The federal government will force religious institutions to fund and facilitate coverage of a drug or procedure contrary to their moral teaching, and try to define which religious institutions are “religious enough” to merit an exemption. This is a matter of whether religious people and institutions can be forced by the government to provide such coverage even when it violates our consciences.” (From:  Intersection, the Church, the state, and me)

Many religious charities will have to cease to exist under the new government mandates in health care. They will be fined if they do not comply…$100. a day for each employee for not complying. If there were 100 employees, that would cost the organization $1,000. a day. Many of these charities that do such good work and help so many people would have to close; they could not afford these fees or TAXES as they are called. This also threatens nurses and doctors jobs, too. If they have to be forced to commit what they feel is a crime, many would chose to leave their jobs instead or be fired. Churches, religious schools, some hospitals would also be affected by this.

A book, Catholics in the Public Square, by Rev. Thomas Olmstead would be good to look into on this matter.

The separation of Church and State was intended to keep government from interfering in faith…not the other way around.

A crisis in faith affects our government  today. God was even omitted from the Democratic Platform, but immediately reinserted when it looked like that would be a problem for them.

This is a crisis folks! People stand up for your Religious Rights! And be informed before you vote in November.

Credit:   EWTN page



  1. Marie Krause

    Am praying fervently for this concern, and pray that we can get a president……a real president who will help our needs instead of interfere in our lives.

    • I am praying for this too, Marie. Thanks for responding to my blog.

  2. SR

    Obama had not business in the White House to begin with! It angers me so that he got 52% of the Catholic votes. I hope and pray these same people vote their “faith” and not their “wants” in this next election. Catholics could do a great service to these aborted babies by doing so, much less the entire Christian community. Thanks for this post and God Bless, SR

    • Thanks SR for commenting on my blog. I certainly hope people of all religions will be educated on what is going on, and vote for a candidate that believes in Religious Freedom and God. Force is never a way to get people to do things in a free country.
      God bless you, too.

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