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15 Things I Miss About My Husband

     Don’t get me wrong, I have a satisfying interesting life and am making the most of it, just like my husband would have wanted.

      But some days I really feel his absence. It is all the little things he did for me that seem so difficult to do without:

  I miss that special look in his eyes meant only for me.

  I miss lying in bed next to him bumper to bumper.

  I miss his dimpled smile that always adorned his face.

        I miss his positive attitude constantly assuring me that everything would turn out okay no matter what.

       I miss his physical presence.

       I miss his shoulder to cry on when something didn’t go right.

       I miss having him to go out to eat with and to hang around Barnes and Noble with on Friday nights.

       I miss the red roses he bought me on all occasions.

       I miss his willingness to run down to the store in the evening to pick up a prescription that I was too busy to get during the day and was too tired at night.

     I miss the beautiful cards he always bought me that took him forever to pick out until he found just the right one.

     I miss his encouragement in all of my endeavors especially my books. I don’t think I ever would have published even one without his reassurance.

      I miss the way he kept several of my books in his car and talked everyone he met into buying one or sometimes more.

     I miss his calls at supper time telling me he was on the way home.

     I miss his pushing me to do things out of my comfort zone that turned out to be some of best funnest things I’ve done.

        I miss going on rides in the country and just taking off for the afternoon with him.

     When some had been your life for 50 years, the feeling that a part of you is missing just never seems to go away completely. Even after almost 4 years, I still miss him a lot.



  1. ((hugs))

    • Thanks Crystle for reading my blog and the hugs.

  2. Bless you. That is a lovely tribute to your husband. My Grandma was married to my Grandad for almost 61 years before he died. He died over 10 years ago but she still misses him.

    • Thank you. I don’t think you ever really get over losing your husband. It gets better as time goes by but there are times when it hits you all over again.

      • I can imagine it must be so difficult even now for you. Keep focusing on the positive and keep smiling.

  3. Most of the time I’m quite good. I’m a writer so I keep pretty busy with writing, publishing, and signings. And I always try my best to be positive.

  4. I googled you from SP. I have a blog here on wordpress too, so I had to come say hello,

    This post has particular resonance with me right now. My husband and I have been through some of the hardest years of our 22 year marriage recently, and just lately I’ve been hyper-aware of how close we’ve grown, and how good things are between us despite the more external challenges. Reading this touched me deeply.

    Thank you for remembering.

    • Renae Thanks for checking out my blog and leaving a comment. I will have to check out yours. And I intend to be blogging more this year. {{{HUGS}}} Dottee

  5. SR

    This is lovely Dorothy. I am glad to see you back also. I look so forward to reading your blog and always have. I have thought about you often during these past months. God Bless and please keep writing as you inspire me so. SR

    • Hi SR
      Have you been here all the time? Thanks for the encouragement to keep going with this blog. I get bogged down with so many things to do that I forget about coming here to blog. Thank you for your lovely comment. I went over and read your blog today. Sounds like you had some problems this past year, Glad things are better.

      • SR

        Your blog has always been an inspiration to me, as well as yourself. No I have not been here the whole time. I quit blogging back in the summer, there was just no time. It was one of the roughest years I remember ever having in my whole life. I became extremely detached Dorothy to all things, as I look back I think it was trying to survive. Things are better, I learned a lot about myself, God, my faith, and the list can go on and on. It is good to be back though, and reading your thoughts once again. God Bless, SR

  6. Well, it looks like we are both back now.

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