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First Book and New Series

First Book and New Series

After a long hiatus and a lot of procrastination, I believe I am finally ready to get back to work on my newest book. It will be the second book in my historical fiction series, Town of Paris Twins. The other day I took a look at the first two pages I wrote eons ago and decided to add a few lines and then a few more.

That night on the way to bed as I went to shut off the computer, I was tempted to add a little more to the pages. A half an hour later I finally pulled myself away from the computer and when I glanced up at the clock it was three am;  so much for going to bed on time. By the way I am a night hawk. . . my usual bedtime is two am.

A couple of days later I went up to the computer, sat myself down, and easily composed four more pages. I was on a roll. The characters are now bugging me to keep going. They want me to get their story out there. My heart is clamoring for me to continue.

I have to review the characters’ traits before I go any further because I want the story to be true to their personas. It’s been a year since I wrote the first book in the series. I must now catch up with the family before I can proceed further. I even forgot one of the kids’ names. Shame on me, but I have my trusty notebook where I recorded all that stuff and the research I’ve done for this book.

So, my friends, it looks like a go on this book now! My fingers are itching, my mind is whirling,  and the characters are pushing!! I am ready for TAKE-OFF!


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