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A New Approach to my Writing

“I do not feel like I am a career writer.” These words hit me in the face when I saw them in a book I was reading the other day.

I had been praying about my life and what my next move should be when I came across these words. My writing was not going along well. And I was getting very stressed about that development. I knew what I wanted to write about but couldn’t come up with a satisfactory plot and I was agonizing about it. I had written and published five books in five years and took two years to start a new series. I had really been pushing to market, sell, and get the books out there.

I was not happy doing it that way. I had always loved to write but now it was beginning to become a chore. My self-imposed deadlines were standing in the way of enjoying my family, grandchildren, and other things I wanted to do. I still wanted to write but desired to do other things, too.

When I saw the above statement in that book, I felt it was written for me. I knew it was the approach I needed to take towards my writing. Not too look at myself as a “career” writer but as someone who wants to write to share local history with children through my books.

This takes the pressure off of producing more books as soon as possible, breaking my neck to market them, and frees up more time to spend with my family and friends. Yay me!

Since I’ve had this epiphany,  I feel freer, have a new lease on life and wonder of all wonders, things have started falling into place with my next book. Once I stopped pushing on myself I was able to relax and go with the flow.  Best of all I didn’t have to miss hugging my precious  new grandson all afternoon today.



  1. zipcoffelt

    Writing after official “retirement” is something of a conundrum! While I still love to write, I want to write what I feel passionate about. Sounds like that’s at least part of your epiphany. Thanks for writing “out loud” what I’ve been thinking – you’ve helped me clarify my own thoughts! Give Patrick a hug from this grandma…

    • Thanks for your comment on my blog. I really was having a hard time and putting a lot of pressure on myself to produce. I feel so much better now and I’m glad I was able to help you out.

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