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A 12065741611397562595raffaella_biscuso_Stylo.svg.medfew weeks ago I wrote a post about my new approach to my writing. I thought this was my solution to how I wanted to view my writing. Several weeks have gone by and I gave the new method a try. The result was that I have not really done ANY writing on my book at all.

Yesterday I decided to designate the day as my “WRITING DAY”. I got up early, hurried through my morning chores, and climbed the stairs to my computer area to begin. I was not going to let anything stand in my way of doing this. By lunchtime I finished Chapter 2 and was onto Chapter 3.

I took a break for lunch, had to pick up a beautiful Victorian doll I won in a raffle, and then bad1926925_10201730218272322_2036812888_nly stubbed my toe trying to take pictures for her for my Facebook. But the show must go on, I decided, no matter how many interruptions. So after supper and my soap, more interruptions, I marched back upstairs and went back to work. I almost completed Chapter 4 of a 10 Chapter middle-grade historical fiction novel.

I felt like I was in heaven, typing away on my computer. The world before me vanished and I was whisked into the 1800s. I was one of my characters, then another.  I guess I make a mistake when I decided to put my writing in the background of my life. Writing is just a too good a feeling not to engage in it often.

Will I make the best seller list? Possibly yes,  probably no

Will I make a ton of money writing? Possibly yes,  probably no.

Will I get many awards for my books? Possibly yes,  probably no.

Will I enjoy life more and feel more positive? Possibly no, Probably YES, YES, YES!



  1. zipcoffelt

    Working to a deadline is the only way to get myself to WORK. Glad you were able to get things moving forward with a Writing Day.

    • Yes, I really need to set some deadlines or I will never get anything done. Thanks for reading my blog and commenting.

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