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Erie Canal Cousins is the first book in the Series. It is about13-yearold Rose Stewart traveling down the Erie Canal from Albany, NY to Utica, NY in 1840 with a bunch of cousins she has never met before and the adventures she has aboard the Flying Eagle (line boat) with them

Three Weeks in Utica-Book2 This book continues the story of Rose in Utica NY where she spends three weeks helping her Aunt Jenny with her four small boys. She goes to a frolic in a mansion, meets a neighbor girl that she befriends and Maggie’s brothers, Seth and Samuel. Includes lots of history of “old Utica.”

Albany Homecoming-Book3 Another book in the series has Rose traveling back to her home in Albany, NY with the cousins again. A tragedy occurs in the middle of the book that changes the way life is for the Stewart family. The book also shows what a day in a one-room school was like when Rose attends one.

Canal Town Christmas-Book4This next book in the series tells about how Thanksgiving and Christmas were celebrated in the Victorian Era by the Stewart family in Albany NY and explains how these two days came to become Holidays in the United States.

Stars Over Buffalo-Book5 the last book in this Series, follows Rose and some of the cousins traveling west on the canal, stopping in the cities of Rome, Syracuse, Montezuma Swamp, Rochester, Lockport and Buffalo. They also visit Niagara Falls, a new attraction.



  1. SR

    I did not realize you had written so many books Dorothy. What a wonderful mind you must have and talent. Are they at Barnes and Nobles? That is my bookstore and I stay hours in it. Just wondering so I could give as gifts. We read a lot and of course I always read to my kids and they read to theirs. God Bless, SR

    • Hi SR,
      Yes my books are available at Barnes and Noble but they would have to order them for you. But they can get them if you want them. I wasn’t on much today because we had my new baby granddaughter Sarah’s Baptism this afternoon and a luncheon at their house afterwards. It was so lovely.

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