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I’m Back & Searching My Ancestry

It’s been a long time since wrote in this blog. But I’ve decided to get it going again. Since I have a link to it on my website, I thought I should come here at least once a week or so to connect with all of my friends and fans of my books.

I now have eight books under my belt and taking a break while I work on my ancestry. I had an Ancestry DNA test taken and found out that I am 97% East European (Polish). That was not a surprise but the people I share DNA markers with enabled me to find my grandfather’s brother’s family that had moved to California when I was a little girl. It also brought up 30 more possible 3rd and 4th or higher cousins. This is fascinating as I started seaching for my relatives in 2000 but there was so little available on line that I had to go to the library and search microfilms of newspapers, etc. Finally, I became discouraged and stopped the search for a while.

Now there is so much available, especially from Ancestry (a paid site), Family Search (a free site), and the internet, it is quite easy to find a lot of information. However it can take time which is okay with me. I’d rather search my ancestors than watch some of the TV shows on these days.

I am going to put it all in a book and give it to my children so they will not have to go through what I did when they get to that point in their life when they want to know about these things.

I think it takes a certain age for most people to get to the point where they want to know about their background.  Who am I? Where did I come from? I wish I had listened to my grandmother more and asked her more questions when she was still alive.

One of my Uncles passed away in 2009 and I was able to get a bunch of questions answered from him before he left this earth. I am thankful for the information I was able to get from him.

I still have a few more mysteries to solve in the family tree, maybe even more that a few. So let me get back to that now…..

Here is my interview with Dorothy Stacy

Thank you Fiona!



Name:  Dorothy Stacy

Age: I didn’t used to tell, but now I’m proud to say I am 73 years young.

Where are you from: Sauquoit, New York  USA

A little about your self `ie your education Family life etc  

I grew up in Utica, NY and now live in Sauquoit. The mother of eight (five girls and three boys) and Nana of twenty-one, I live in a 214 year old house on four acres of land, built by the first resident in our village. A former teacher, I have a Master’s Degree in Reading and Elem. Ed. I am Vice-President of the Town of Paris Historical Society and write their newsletter. I am also a member of the Sauquoit Valley Garden Club.  I speak at schools, clubs, historical societies, and to anyonefond of history. I have been a member of SCBWI for seven years.

Fiona: Tell us your…

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What Was I Thinking?

A 12065741611397562595raffaella_biscuso_Stylo.svg.medfew weeks ago I wrote a post about my new approach to my writing. I thought this was my solution to how I wanted to view my writing. Several weeks have gone by and I gave the new method a try. The result was that I have not really done ANY writing on my book at all.

Yesterday I decided to designate the day as my “WRITING DAY”. I got up early, hurried through my morning chores, and climbed the stairs to my computer area to begin. I was not going to let anything stand in my way of doing this. By lunchtime I finished Chapter 2 and was onto Chapter 3.

I took a break for lunch, had to pick up a beautiful Victorian doll I won in a raffle, and then bad1926925_10201730218272322_2036812888_nly stubbed my toe trying to take pictures for her for my Facebook. But the show must go on, I decided, no matter how many interruptions. So after supper and my soap, more interruptions, I marched back upstairs and went back to work. I almost completed Chapter 4 of a 10 Chapter middle-grade historical fiction novel.

I felt like I was in heaven, typing away on my computer. The world before me vanished and I was whisked into the 1800s. I was one of my characters, then another.  I guess I make a mistake when I decided to put my writing in the background of my life. Writing is just a too good a feeling not to engage in it often.

Will I make the best seller list? Possibly yes,  probably no

Will I make a ton of money writing? Possibly yes,  probably no.

Will I get many awards for my books? Possibly yes,  probably no.

Will I enjoy life more and feel more positive? Possibly no, Probably YES, YES, YES!

A New Approach to my Writing

“I do not feel like I am a career writer.” These words hit me in the face when I saw them in a book I was reading the other day.

I had been praying about my life and what my next move should be when I came across these words. My writing was not going along well. And I was getting very stressed about that development. I knew what I wanted to write about but couldn’t come up with a satisfactory plot and I was agonizing about it. I had written and published five books in five years and took two years to start a new series. I had really been pushing to market, sell, and get the books out there.

I was not happy doing it that way. I had always loved to write but now it was beginning to become a chore. My self-imposed deadlines were standing in the way of enjoying my family, grandchildren, and other things I wanted to do. I still wanted to write but desired to do other things, too.

When I saw the above statement in that book, I felt it was written for me. I knew it was the approach I needed to take towards my writing. Not too look at myself as a “career” writer but as someone who wants to write to share local history with children through my books.

This takes the pressure off of producing more books as soon as possible, breaking my neck to market them, and frees up more time to spend with my family and friends. Yay me!

Since I’ve had this epiphany,  I feel freer, have a new lease on life and wonder of all wonders, things have started falling into place with my next book. Once I stopped pushing on myself I was able to relax and go with the flow.  Best of all I didn’t have to miss hugging my precious  new grandson all afternoon today.

Writing Again

First Book and New Series

First Book and New Series

After a long hiatus and a lot of procrastination, I believe I am finally ready to get back to work on my newest book. It will be the second book in my historical fiction series, Town of Paris Twins. The other day I took a look at the first two pages I wrote eons ago and decided to add a few lines and then a few more.

That night on the way to bed as I went to shut off the computer, I was tempted to add a little more to the pages. A half an hour later I finally pulled myself away from the computer and when I glanced up at the clock it was three am;  so much for going to bed on time. By the way I am a night hawk. . . my usual bedtime is two am.

A couple of days later I went up to the computer, sat myself down, and easily composed four more pages. I was on a roll. The characters are now bugging me to keep going. They want me to get their story out there. My heart is clamoring for me to continue.

I have to review the characters’ traits before I go any further because I want the story to be true to their personas. It’s been a year since I wrote the first book in the series. I must now catch up with the family before I can proceed further. I even forgot one of the kids’ names. Shame on me, but I have my trusty notebook where I recorded all that stuff and the research I’ve done for this book.

So, my friends, it looks like a go on this book now! My fingers are itching, my mind is whirling,  and the characters are pushing!! I am ready for TAKE-OFF!

Welcome Grandson

I wrote a poem today on the occasion of my new grandson’s birth. He is my 21st Grandchild.

Poem for Patrick

You Always Have to Work At Weight Loss


I always thought when I got to my goal weight; I wouldn’t have to think about my eating anymore and sometime wondered why people at goal would want to be on a weight loss website. BUT…..little did I know that maintenance is almost harder than losing the weight. And that is when you need the tips and ideas, support and comfort of people that have been through it with you. It is so easy to slip back. Of course, I’m not at goal yet and I haven’t been since I reached goal at Weight Watchers a couple of decades ago.  LOL

 I am not really overweight …but want to lose 10 lbs. to be healthier. Rather than focusing on that scale that always trips me up, it is more important to develop healthy eating habits along with a consistent exercise program.  The first time I lost the weight I didn’t change my eating habits much. And I NEVER exercised. Eventually I gained most of the weight back.

Four years ago I joined SparkPeople. I still didn’t change what I ate that much, but I did track everything I put in my mouth.  And magically I lost weight. However, I still did not exercise. A team member finally convinced me to do some walking. It was so hard to start, but start I did.  Ten minutes at first, increasing it gradually.

I now walk 6,000 steps every day motivated by my Activity Tracker that reminds to do it. I am eating more veggies, fruits, and planning healthier meals.  I include new foods like avocados, extra virgin olive oil, whole wheat products, and less processed foods in my diet. The only thing I am struggling with is to make a habit of tracking my food. Yes, I somehow stopped doing that.

By the way I still didn’t lose those 10 lbs. but I feel great, have wonderful friends on my team at SparkPeople, and am either staying even or losing slowly.  Now I am confident I will eventually get down those 10 lbs.

I’m Back!

Writing by Candlelight

Writing by Candlelight

Hello everyone! I finally decided to restart my blog. I chose a new theme and colors, and just got through making a new header for it. I actually made up six headers before I finally found the one that I felt was acceptable to me. I did keep the same blog name, Writing By Candlelight, since I am a writer of historical fiction. It took me three days to accomplish this. But that’s okay because I really wasn’t going anywhere with the weather below zero or in the single digits this whole week. I guess this is global warming! LOL!

This is a test post to see how it comes out with the new theme. I hope to post a blog at least once a week from now on. So be on the lookout for more soon.

Bye for now and I hope you all like the new look.

15 Things I Miss About My Husband

     Don’t get me wrong, I have a satisfying interesting life and am making the most of it, just like my husband would have wanted.

      But some days I really feel his absence. It is all the little things he did for me that seem so difficult to do without:

  I miss that special look in his eyes meant only for me.

  I miss lying in bed next to him bumper to bumper.

  I miss his dimpled smile that always adorned his face.

        I miss his positive attitude constantly assuring me that everything would turn out okay no matter what.

       I miss his physical presence.

       I miss his shoulder to cry on when something didn’t go right.

       I miss having him to go out to eat with and to hang around Barnes and Noble with on Friday nights.

       I miss the red roses he bought me on all occasions.

       I miss his willingness to run down to the store in the evening to pick up a prescription that I was too busy to get during the day and was too tired at night.

     I miss the beautiful cards he always bought me that took him forever to pick out until he found just the right one.

     I miss his encouragement in all of my endeavors especially my books. I don’t think I ever would have published even one without his reassurance.

      I miss the way he kept several of my books in his car and talked everyone he met into buying one or sometimes more.

     I miss his calls at supper time telling me he was on the way home.

     I miss his pushing me to do things out of my comfort zone that turned out to be some of best funnest things I’ve done.

        I miss going on rides in the country and just taking off for the afternoon with him.

     When some had been your life for 50 years, the feeling that a part of you is missing just never seems to go away completely. Even after almost 4 years, I still miss him a lot.

My Super Fabulous Birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday. It turned out to be one of the best birthdays I’ve had.

When I woke up and came down for breakfast this is what I found at my place:

My son and his GF who now live with me bought me the roses and a beautiful card. It put a smile on my face all morning long!

The night before my daughter had dinner for the family, She made Chicken Riggies. Yumm!

My DIL has the same birthday as mine so she was celebrated too! It looks like the whole cake was on fire but it wasn’t.

So yesterday I had a free entry coupon from Applebees and I asked my son and DGF to go with me there. I had one of the 550 calorie dinners and it was great!

And then they gave me a free dessert, too! I didn’t know that came with it. It was a small cup of strawberry cheesecake. And it tasted like real cheesecake! Yummy too! Then the server asked me if I wanted them to sing for me. I said, “Sure, bring it on. That’s why I came here.” Then they gave me the dessert with a lit candle in it.

I was so happy! What a wonderful day!

When I got home, my SON had baked me a cake with red raspberry swirled throughout it. That too was delicious.
And best of all, when I got on the scale this morning, I found out that my weight was down from the day before. emoticon

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